CVLIFE Scope 6 24×50 Review

Not everybody has the cash lying around to spend on an expensive scope. The price range on scopes hinges on material quality as well as capabilities. Because of this, brands such as CVLIFE picked a lane, so to speak, fabricating a cheaper priced series of scopes.

A cheaper scope doesn’t mean a riflescope that doesn’t work that great or is ready to fall apart after a few shots. Nor does it mean that you should expect it to fail due to its price. No matter what you pay for a scope, it should do what it’s designed to do. CVLIFE’s riflescope 6 24×50 is going to be the focus of this post, and we’re going to check out what it’s made of, and take in what users have to say about this inexpensive scope.

The CVLIFE 6 24×50 Hunting Rifle Scope

  • 6×24 Magnification
  • FOV 28 feet at 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 3.52 Inches
  • 1” Tube Diameter
  • 15 ¾” Long
  • 1x CR 2032 Battery (Which should come included depending on where it’s purchased.)

The first thing that I’d mention about this scope is the red and green-lit mil-dot reticle with 5 level brightness control. In all, there are 11 settings for the reticle, including the option to shut the light off entirely and use the standard crosshairs.

The tube and components are high strength aluminum alloy, it is fog and water-resistant, the mounts match up to a weaver dovetail rail system, its objective lens is 50mm, windage and elevation adjustment turrets are positioned mid-shaft, and comes stock with a lens cap.

The 6 24×50 is a long-range riflescope, but some have found that this scope can be focused in as close as ten yards. Through the early morning or evening hours, the 50mm objective lens allows for plenty of light to illuminate the scenery in low light conditions.

Elk Viewing With CVLIFE Scope 6 24x50

Pro’s and Con’s of the CVLIFE 6 24×50


  1. The first and most obvious pro about this scope would be the price. You’d have a terrible time finding a riflescope that is as good as this one for under $50.00.
  2. Another Pro is that you get all of the same features that you would have with a much more expensive scope.
  3. According to people who have purchased and used the scope repeatedly, it does a good job holding its zero after having taken many shots- if it is mounted and fastened correctly.
  4. Zoomed in shots are clear after focusing in on a target. However, some people have had complaints about the clarity after being zoomed in, but others tend to believe that they didn’t make the correct focusing adjustments after having zoomed in.
  5. The construction is rugged and can take the kind of abuse that you’d be giving it when out in the field hunting game.
  6. CVLIFE decided to go with the Weaver Rail type, which can mount to most rifles without any issues.


  1. As you’d expect, the quality of the materials being used is where this scope suffers to maintain its low price.
  2. The turrets tend to feel a little wonky or to be more specific; they feel cheap.

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CVLIFE 6 24×50 Hunting Rifle Scope

Overall User Experience

Taking the pro’s and con’s into consideration, the question that must be answered would be: “Is this scope worth what I’d be paying if I decided to purchase one?”
The answer to this question would be a yes- it is well worth the money. That being said, if you harbor expectations of this scope being every bit as good as a scope that you’d pick up for $500-$600, you’ll be immediately let down.

But if you have expectations that would be appropriate for a riflescope within its price range, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you were to check out the user experiences of those who have left reviews about this riflescope, you’d quickly be able to discern between those who’s expectations were too high versus those who had appropriate expectations.

On the CVLIFE website, this scope has eight reviews, all being five stars out of five. You’d kind of expect this on the manufacturer’s home page, right? Though the feedback is good and can be informative, raving reviews on a home page can be suspect.

However, people who leave reviews on other shopping sites hold no allegiances to the seller or their product. Feedback can be taken a bit more seriously and can help to provide the grounds for a more informed decision when buying anything.

This scope presently has 2,551 ratings over there. That’s quite a showing. Of which, 66% give it a five-star rating, 17% give it 4, 6% give it a 3, 4% give it a 2, and 8% give it a 1.

Naturally I Checked

Naturally, I checked out the 1’s, and it seems that the majority of the complaints are based on the craftsmanship, and for whatever reason, the users were not able to get the scope sighted in properly. Some of these could be operator error, but being cheaply made and probably quickly manufactured, it looked more like batch issues at the factory, in my opinion. Sometimes things slip through when production is racing away.

The reason I say all of that for the lowest-rated reviews is due to the number of good reviews this scope has. With 1,742 users giving a positive rating, this scope overwhelmingly seems to be pleasing a lot of people.

After having read a bunch of positive feedback, the majority of them stated that the scope was well worth the money, and surpassed their expectations. As I said above, if your expectations are appropriate, you’ll be delighted with the results of this scope.


For the money, the CVLIFE 6 24×50 will serve its purpose, and provide you with an affordable alternative to the scopes that usually cost more than the weapon they’re mounted on. Are these perfect? Certainly not. If you’re looking for a high-end scope, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

But, if you’re looking for a long-range scope that will hit the mark, this wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

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