Leupold Rifle Scopes for Hunting

Among several other applications, Leupold rifle scopes have been used for hunting for decades. There are several reasons why their scopes have been renown throughout the years, but time has a way of removing accomplishments from names, faces, and companies, as the years tick by.

Because of this, sometimes it’s best to remember a company’s humble beginnings and the groundbreaking accomplishments that have become taken for granted throughout the years. Let’s take a moment to give credit where credit is due.

Leupold & Volpel Scientific Instruments

Not too many people are aware of this, but Leupold first opened its doors back in 1907. In the beginning, Leupold (which was then Leupold & Volpel) didn’t make scopes at all. They primarily specialized in making hand made surveying equipment.

Through time, they took in innovations like the first Water Level Recorder, created by J.C. Stevens in 1914. He then furthered his invention in 1937 through the creation of the Telemark- a water level recorder that used telephone signals to make transmissions. By this time, Stevens had become a partner in the company.

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Changes Made- Leupold & Stevens

In 1942, the name had changed to reflect the repositioning of the families that were involved int eh company, as the founders became advanced in years.

In 1944, Leupold passed away, and his son, who was fresh out of the Corps of Engineers, Norbert, joins the company, to keep the family name active within the company.

Fallow Deer With Leupold Scope

When Scopes became a Focus

As the title says, it started in the woods. According to information on the Leupold site, the story that launched years’ worth of research into scope design all began out in the woods. Marcus Leupold was out hunting deer back in the early ’40s. He caught a glimpse of a decent target and raised his rifle, which had a scope attached that was typical for the time.

When he looked through the scope to line up the shot, he couldn’t see a thing due to it having fogged up. In the end, he missed the shot & lost the deer. Because of this, he focused on creating a better scope, and eventually, that’s precisely what he did. And the rest, as they say, is history.

New Scope Innovations

Due to this newfound interest, Leupold & Stevens Company designed and released the first fog-proof rifle scope designed in the Americas. Its release was in 1947.

As the war was still fresh at heart and in mind, the company drew from experiences that were to be had with existing scopes on the market and concentrated on making an all-around better scope. Many of the changes and improvements are things that people tend to take for granted nowadays, not the least of which would be the nitrogen processed system of anti-fog scopes.

Later, weatherproof optics were created and incorporated into the scopes, the duplex reticle, the first “lightweight” scope, and began releasing handgun scopes in the ’80s. By 1982, they had 30 different models out in the market.

In 1985, Leupold began furnishing the military with their rifle scopes, and have continued to do so to this day.

There have been so many other innovations (Illuminated Reticle Technology for one) that have transpired since the beginning of this company, the selection of rifle scopes and spotting scopes are vast.

Now that we’ve freshened up on the history and accomplishments of this company, let’s have a look at how things are going in the hunting scope department.

Hunting Scopes for 2020

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are different scopes for different purposes, even for different hunting styles. Before choosing a new Leupold scope for hunting, first, assess your style and needs.

For example, if you’re hunting in a tree stand out in the middle of the woods, likely, you won’t need a scope meant for long-range shots. On the other hand, if you’re hunting game that does require long-range shots, you won’t want a scope that more geared toward short to mid-range.

Yeah, I know; It’s common sense. But, keeping these things in mind will guide you to spend on a scope that’s right for you and your hunting preferences, rather than going overboard or coming up short to suit your needs.

The following are a couple of suggestions ripe from the line of Leupold Scopes. One for mid-range, the other for long-range.

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Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 Waterproof Fog-proof Riflescope

You can buy it on Amazon.

This particular scope is recommended for mid-range shooting- perfect for situations in the woods, or targeting across a small field or clearing when the circumstances arise.
Waterproof, fog-proof, lightweight, with a durable construction, this scope is a tremendous all-around scope for hunting, bearing a positive rating by users. It’s got a 3:1 zoom ratio, ¼” MOA finger-click adjuster, an easy-grip power selector, and a Twilight light management system that provides more light when natural light is dim.

The lenses are scratch-resistant to military specs, and this scope also has a parallax adjustment to 60 yards.


Leupold VX-5HD 2-10x42mm Long Range Rifle Scope

You can buy it on Amazon.

Perfect for those long-range goat shots, or other game that requires distance to stay out of their senses. This scope is more expensive than others found made by the brand, but it is perfect for the task at hand when precision from a distance is critical.

This scope contains many of the same features as the VX-Freedom Rimfire 3-9×40 (above) but has a lot more going on.

This riflescope features a pop-up re-zero adjustment for windage and elevation adjustments, a fast-focus eyepiece, Rear Focal Plane, and a Guard Ion Lens coating.

Its magnification is a 5:1 ratio, bringing far targets that much closer to you.

As stated earlier, Leupold has a wide selection to choose from, all having their strengths and weaknesses. These two above are examples of what you might want to look for in a scope, depending on your purposes. There are more and less expensive scopes to choose from within their selection, but you can see just between these two- if you decide to go too big when you don’t need to, the difference would be around $715 that you didn’t have to spend to get the job done.

When you’re searching for a durable, well lit, clear, precise, military standard scope, Leupold has been around for over 100 years and is a highly respected name in the industry. It’s a safe brand to choose from- no matter what your needs are.

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  1. To be honest with you I don’t really have a lot of experience with this. It’s actually really cool because my girlfriend does sales for a company in Taiwan that manufactures a product that’s like this. A rifle scope if I’m not mistaken. It’s kind of funny because if you ask me about my experience about this, telescopes and riflescopes actually use a similar technology. So you can actually use the same type of technology for looking at stars and hunting, interesting fact. I’m glad that you actually go into the history of the company, because that definitely says a lot about the quality of the product. Your pictures are really bold because they really show the effectiveness of how the rifle scopes work. I think what you said about the company definitely does do something to lend credibility to what you’re talking about. I like how you are showing two different riflescopes from the same company. And I think that if you really good job of presenting it. What I’m trying to say is that if I were interested in buying rifle scopes right now I definitely would check it out.

    • Thank you for your comment on Leupold Rifle Scopes for Hunting, I appreciate it. Yes it is pretty well the same technology in the telescopes and the rifle scopes. A lot of the companies that make rifle scopes started out making telescopes or microscopes.

  2. Hello; Leupold Riflescope for Hunting is a scope that many Rifle lovers will search out and buy. The fact that the Scope is designed to stay clear of fog it means that it will be workable through all weather conditions. 

    Those who have access to hunting will find the Leupold Rifle Scope attractive for their purpose.


  3. Thank You for the history on “Leupold” that’s the best article i’ve read in awhile. Imma be trying out the “Leupold VX-Freedom” and if I like it, I just might stop being cheap and go ahead and buy the Leupold VX-5HD. Is there any warranty to the scopes? If so for how many months/years are there?

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Yes Leupold does have a very good warranty. 

      Every Leupold Scopes product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Leupold Scopes will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Leupold Scopes product that is defective.

  4. Thank you for the interesting and informative post on rife scopes. I have used a rifle scope on my small-caliber rifle for hunting small and found it useful. It was nice to view a fairly complete review of high-quality scopes. It was good to learn of all the modern innovations that have been incorporated such as being water and fog proof. I also very much the additional technology for wind and elevation making hunting game from a long distance much easier. All this has been available with improved glass and optics quality.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comment also. I enjoy hearing from my website visitors. The rifle scope of today are far more advanced than I have been used to in my earlier years. 

  5. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. even with my love for hunting i never knew about the history of leupold. i am glad to have learnt that today. the VX 5HD is quite expensive although it complements with the quality

    • Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Yes the scopes of today are carrying a hefty price tag but as you stated the quality helps make up for it. Leupold has been around long enough to build up a reputation that supports their prices. Leupold also has a life time guarantee on the craftsmanship of their scopes. If anything goes wrong with one of their scopes that was the fault of the scope they will fix or replace it for as long as you are alive. 

  6. Hello Larry,

    That’s a nice review of Leupold Rifle Scopes for hunting. It reminds me of my old hunting days using a totally different method for a totally different species. I have dealt with binoculars sets sales in the past and I think they use slightly different magnification technology for mid and long range viewing. I hope to one day accompany a long range hunter!

    Leupold certainly has a rich history starting from the first anti-fog scope made, to advancing the instrument’s technology to a being used even in the military. Do they have any models for beginners? This is because one might not necessarily need to train using such high precision, fast-focus, and twilight-management features when starting out.

    • Thanks for leaving me a comment, I appreciate hearing from my visitors. Yes Leupold has some different versions that would be suitable for beginning hunter or shooters. They carry a lower price tag and less technical knowledge. You can find all types of Leupold scopes by visiting this link right HERE. Good luck finding the type scope that you need here on varmitscopes.com. I have many more brands listed in different posts through out my site.


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