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There are a host of different Monstrum tactical prism scope reviews covering a wide range of their products. In the world of tactical rifle scopes, there are many flavors to choose from that serve a smorgasbord of purposes.

Not everyone will want to have the ability to shoot from mountaintop to mountaintop. Some shooters will want to use what will cover short to mid-range targets. This is particularly true for people using tactical rifles meant for close-quarters target acquisition or short-range shooting.

An option of scope design that suits most short to mid-range shooting is called a “Prism” design. We’re going to be taking a look at the Monstrum brand of prism tactical rifle scopes through this article, but first, what’s a prism scope, and how does it differ from red dot scopes or traditional type scopes?

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What is a Prism Rifle Scope?

As far as prism style scopes go, it’s the new kid on the block when compared to the traditional and red dot, and is earning a positive reputation- slowly taking over the short-mid range arena.

A prism rifle scope is different than a traditional scope design because it uses a prism objective lens rather than using a series of lenses such as the traditional type of scope. Because fewer lenses are used, there’s less space necessary to consume, making these scopes much shorter lengthwise.

Prism scopes have grown in popularity because they provide a more crisp, clear image, and most tend to be brighter and sharper in lower lit situations.

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Monstrum’s Prism Scopes Page

Prism Scopes vs Red Dot Scopes

Prism and red dot scopes do share a few common traits. They’re both designed for quick targeting and close-quarters combat. They both share approximately the same amount of weight and size and have a similar overall appearance. Also, they are both on the lower end of the price scale for basic units.

Red dot sights have a magnification power of 1, meaning that what you see is what you get- no magnification adjustments over that. There are prism scopes that have a 1x magnification, but most prism scopes fall between 2x – 5x magnification, with the most popular magnification being at 3x.

Red dot scopes have a reticle that is just that- a dot that is either red or green. Prism scopes also have a powered or lit reticle, that glows either red or green.

Prism reticles are etched directly on to the glass prism. This is an advantage because if the scope’s batteries fail, you’ll still see your reticle Without being under power, the reticle will appear through the eyepiece as black. If the red dot powers off, you won’t have any dot available to line up a shot.

Typical prism scopes have a focus adjustment on the eyepiece. Red dot scopes don’t have any focusing adjustments that make it easier for people with either sensitive vision or eye problems.

At the end of the day, one thing will remain true. A prism scope is capable of doing what a red dot sight will do. But a red dot sight can’t do what a prism scope will do.

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Monstrum Tactical Prism Scopes

Now that we’ve got a better idea of how prism scopes differ from other types, let’s take a look at Monstrum’s line of these tactical accessories. Monstrum has been in business, making high-quality scopes and accessories for over ten years now, are based out of Southern California, and have accrued a large following of loyal customers.

Currently, they carry six compact prism scopes, that range from 1x – 5x magnification.

Their 1×20 Ultra-Compact Prism Scope is an excellent answer to a red dot alternative. It is effective for close-quarters combat purposes while maintaining easy target acquisition for up to 100 yards.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got the Marksman 5×36 Prism Scope, that boasts fast target acquisition up to 400 yards.

The objective end of the scope ranges between 20mm for the 1x and 36mm for the 5x. The rest of their prism scopes (2-3x magnifications) are 30-32mm in diameter.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Monstrum Tactical Prism Scopes


  • All of their prism scopes are compact.
  • The prism offers greater clarity than regular scopes.
  • These scopes are designed to produce a wide field of view.
  • They are easier on the eyes than other scopes, bringing in more light than traditional scopes, and can focus.
  • They’re made with a sleek 6061 painted aluminum housing.
  • Monstrum fills each model with nitrogen, meaning that they’re fog and water-resistant.
  • Scope alignment adjustments can be made quickly and easily via the turrets.
  • There are multi-level lighting adjustments for the reticle.
  • Instructions are made available online through the Monstrum website.
  • Each scope comes with a lens cloth, lens cover, and a CR2032A battery in the box.
  • All six of their prism scopes are under $100.00.
  • Monstrum provides a 30 day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.


  • The biggest problem that you might find with Monstrum’s prism scopes is that they’re only compatible with Picatinny rail systems. As we know, most Picatinny rail accessories will not fit Weaver rails properly. So before making a purchase, ensure that your weapon had the right rail system.
  • There have been a couple of complaints about the eye relief not being easy to get used to on the 5×36 scope in particular. To be honest, this might be a problem for some, a non-issue for others.
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Some Of Monstrum’s Products


If you’ve got your hands on a tactical weapon, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a firm grasp of what you intend to use it for. Whether it’s for home defense, target shooting, or preparedness for close combat targeting situations, it’s up to you to decide what you’re looking for in a scope to compliment your shot.

A Monstrum tactical prism scope will open up your capabilities should you decide to step up from a red dot sight. You’ll also get a more clear and brighter picture in the eyepiece than a traditional style scope, if you’re currently using a lower magnification traditional scope of the same price range.

You’ll have a difficult time finding negative Monstrum scope reviews, particularly in the arena of prism scopes. Go ahead and check them out for yourself; I’d highly recommend it.

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