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SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera 12MP HD Video Patented Solar Panel&Rechargeable Built-in Battery, High Power LEDs, Super Low Glow,

Spypoint Trail Cameras seem to forget what the date is and resets itself, though it still seems to take photos. I don’t think I’ve lost any data. Thankfully, the number of the picture file is sequential, so they remain in chronological order. Features are good, fit+finish is good, picture quality is quite good, night vision quality is good, but the motion sense feature doesn’t work reliably past about 50 feet.

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SPYPOINT Solar Trail Camera 12MP HD

I got this camera as an easy security system for my homestead, prior to the home getting built, and also to be able to create a time-lapse video of the build process. I have done the latter successfully, so it has met my expectations there. I am just annoyed about the date getting lost or reset, despite that the solar panel is facing east and it shows full battery for both internal and AA battery systems.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t forget the time, because despite the dates being wrong, it did correctly adhere to my dawn-til-dusk schedule for time-lapse photos every 15 minutes, starting at about 6am every day (+/- a few minutes)

Top Positive Review

Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2016

Still early but the internal battery has stayed fully charged for 7 days and 500+ pictures. Of it was in perfect conditions with moderate temps and very good sunlight.

The night pictures with a moving subject the pictures are blurry…not very good honestly. My guess is once in the woods where the deer will be slow moving or stationary it’ll be decent.

The red IR is very visible to the human eye…not sure if there will be any game concern. Day pictures and sensitivity are superb.


Still happy with this camera. Night shots are blurry especially if the subject is moving at any speed. When not using in the woods I have this in my front yard…put it up on 22 Jan 16 with a 32 gig SD card…on 11 Mar 17 I checked it to find the AA batteries fully charged and the internal solar charged battery also fully charged! I thought that was pretty impressive! The 32 gig SD had 30 gigs used.

Updated 11 Jan 2018

This thing is still amazing with internal batteries. AA batteries have never been replaced in over a year. Gonna buy another one!

Top Negative Review

Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2017

Things I like about the camera
1) Solar powered. After purchasing a charger to complete the initial charge, the internal battery remains charged after 6 weeks of low sun/overcast days

2) Response is good on video mode

3) Photos and videos are crisp and clear in daylight hours

Things I dislike about the camera:

1) Dusk to dawn photos are REALLY bad. Always too dark to see what is in the image and too blurry to make anything out. The camera is useless during this time. I am on a cul-de-sac with a street light (well out of the camera field of view) so poor quality is not a result of a total blackout issue.

2) In Photo mode during dusk to dawn, the triggering to take a photo is delayed many times to the point you can only catch a glimpse of a blurry image as it leave the field of view

3) The field of view is too narrow (40 degrees). Should be at least 60+

Would I buy it again? No, not until dusk to dawn photos have evolved to the point where one can see what is on the image.

Trail Cam Deer Picture

Another Review

Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2017

It has been several months and I have never had to replace the batteries so the solar charger in it works great, even in partial shade. Photos are very clear, daylight photos are better than night vision though, as expected. It is easy to operate and has many really nice features to it. I would buy it again.

UPDATE: It’s been a year since I bought the first one. They are used daily and always produce good photos. I have only replaced the batteries once in a year, and this camera is in the woods, not open sun! Love it.

I have 2 other brands up on site and this brand and model is by far the best, most user-friendly cam. I like the fact you can see where it’s pointed without shutting the door and the slot for the cards make them easy to get in and out. The strap seems more secure than the ones that come with other brands. Very happy and will buy again.

Bought three more

Bought one to test, ended up ordering 3 more. Solar works well and the camera is very easy to set up. Learn how to get the most of the camera (any of them) by using the best angles and watching where the sun is throughout the day.

I have one that is mounted so that it does not get full sun and its stayed charged for over a month now with internal battery still showing above 95%. Trigger speed seems to be very good but the shutter speed could be a tad faster at night as I have gotten some blurring but again, a better angle will prevent much of that.

My opinion

There are a lot of complaints with this trail cam. By reading reviews it seems that most complaints come within the 6 month period. I probably wouldn’t take a chance on it. Also, it sounds like customer service is not very good either.

I would probably pass on this cam and check out another brand.

Here is one with good reviews it seems and it comes from Amazon also.

Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision, Motion Activated 1080P 12MP Hunting Cameras with Low Glow and Upgraded Waterproof IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Watching. You can check it out HERE ON AMAZON.


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