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Because of all their excellent qualities, Swarovski hunting scopes are widely acknowledged as the number one in the industry. These optics will perform amazingly in any hunting location: mountains, near water, fields or woods.

Sharpness and clarity will not be a problem even in long range shooting and extreme weather.

It was in the year 1935 when the younger Swarovski entered the industry by making the Habicht 7 x 42 rifle scope. At this very time, it is still much considered a hunting field standard.

After a while, optic equipment such as the telescope (1967) and binoculars (1971) were produced and marketed by Swarovski. Then in 1976, the original Swarovski Optik scope was introduced.

Advanced concepts were featured in the new scope. For instance, these scopes provided a shock absorber for eye protection from recoil.

Other Features In Swarovski Scopes

Aside from those mentioned, other great features abound in Swarovski Optik scopes. It doesn’t matter what caliber and size your rifle is, the scopes can provide you with complete shock resistance and dependable reticle control.

This is due to the Swarovski’s trademark coil spring system. These scopes are also very versatile and long-lasting. When it comes to toughness, quality of optics and accuracy, Swarovski Optik scopes are the most famous worldwide.

In the United States, they are branded as the Swarovski Z series rifle scope marketed mainly for the “Professional Hunter”. Undoubtedly, they are the most excellent scopes available today but you have to be prepared because these scopes can be quite costly.

Amongst these, the Z series is known for its optical perfection and exceptional flexibility. Through this new range Swarovski has set a new benchmark for the existing rifle scope industry. Another USP of this range is that the objective lens in the models can be altered to suit any kind of viewing situation.

Options To Consider In A Rifle Scope

  • Quality: this refers to the peculiarity of the optics as a high-caliber optical glass will ensure better images.coyote in snow
  • Technology: is an important factor in deciding the performance of the rifle scopes.

  • While there is no harm in manufacturing a reliable rifle scope but when you introduce latest technologies, it just increases the brand value. Passionate hunters will rather opt for a modern scope than just another one.

  • Variety: They say, ‘Variety is the Spice of Life.’ It’s true for rifle scopes as well. Every hunter or marksman has separate requirements. It is always better to cater to as many hunters or shooters as possible. 

  • Warranty and Customer Service: The longer warranty you get, the better product you have bought. There are various brands which provide lifetime warranties. Make sure that you will receive proper customer service from the company once you have purchased their product.

Given that they surpass all competitors with the above-listed criteria, Swarovski has made a name for themselves in the world of firearm accessories. They are well known for introducing the latest technologies and provide impeccable customer service.

Why Swarovski Hunting Scopes

Passionate about your hobby of hunting or the general fun of exploring mother nature? The Swarovski hunting scopes are the much-needed diamond-in-the-rough as they are highly regarded as the most trusted devices. These scopes can really make hunting or any expedition of exploring nature a delightful pastime to indulge in.

A hunting scope is very important equipment for you as a hunter and numerous manufacturing companies offer various levels of quality as far as these rifle scopes are concerned.

The features, too, vary as per the brands. One feature that is common to almost all of the branded products is the quality of the optics. Besides this, the features vary according to the technologies introduced by various companies.

For instance, Swarovski and Schmidt & Bender have introduced innovative technologies from time to time to enhance the user experience. 

The scopes I have listed can only be shipped inside the United States.

Bull Elk

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Swarovski Optik Z3 4-12 x 50 BRH Reticle

  • You can buy it on Amazon.
  • There were only 3 of these scopes left when I created this post. No image was available.

This scope has the heavier reticle version of the popular BRX reticle with 3 x zoom.

The Swarovski Optic Z3 4-12×50 compensates for wind drift up to 20 MPH.

It also has a built in rangefinder that can be used to estimate range to the target.

Eliminates the need to make turret adjustments to your riflescope.

Also this scope is designed for long range shooting.

Swarovski Optik Z3 3-10 x 42 BRH Reticle

The BRH reticle was designed for better low light visibilty for big game hunting or those preferring a heavier reticle. The distances between bars and dots are the same for both reticles.

The optic quality is what you’d expect from Swarovski. The BRH reticle is a perfect thickness and in .5mil graduations so it is easy enough to figure out. I’d recommend this scope over other brands in this price point.

  • You can buy it on Amazon.
  • Again, there were only 3 of these in stock when I wrote this.

Swarovski Riflescope Z5 5-25×52 BT

Z5 riflescopes offer a remarkable 5x zoom with a one-inch main tube.

Function, Design, and Optical Features

Magnification: The relatively compact one-inch riflescope offers powerful 5x zoom with a wide, ribbed magnification power ring with sure grip for accurate adjustment of entire magnification range.

  • You can buy it on Amazon.
  • There were five of these scopes left as I was writing this article.


  • Extended Eye Relief: the long 3.74 inch eye relief allows for worry free concentration on the shot.
  • Large Field of View: 5.8 to 1.17 degrees for greater overview.
  • Reticle in the second image plane: the target observed is magnified while the size of the reticle remains the same.
  • Microstructure surface: precisely defined ribbing prevents residual reflections inside the tube for bright, high-contrast images, even in intense light.
  • Main Tube Construction: Rugged, one-inch, light weight alloy main tube finished with a tough anodized scratch resistant surface. The slim design provides enough space for easy mounting.
  • Turrets: Large, rugged turrets with distinctive adjustable clicks for accurate adjustments. Turrets are waterproof even with turret caps removed.
  • Lateral Parallax Turret: for fast and easy operation even in the shooting position. The Z5 riflescope’s lateral parallax turret enables you to make a parallax-free adjustment to the relevant target distance even at longer distances.
  • On the Z5 riflescope: third turret position allows for easy access for parallax adjustment; the desired shooting distance is easily adjustable; and parallax-free distances on turret are easy to read.

Ballistic Turret:

There is a ballistic turret for better impact at a distance. You can sight in and set up the Ballistic Turret for up to 4 distances in a few easy steps.
You can change the distances selected yourself at any time.

There are other distance settings available in addition to the 4 marked distances. Use the ballistics program on the Swarovski website to calculate the precise number of clicks needed to set the Ballistic Turret to your desired distances and zero.

The Alignment knob on the turret allows the hunter to easily see or feel if they are on the zero setting. Patented Swarovski Optik 4-point coil spring system for increased accuracy.

Looking for different Swarovski hunting scopes than I have listed here? Look at them all Right Here!

My Conclusion

confused personConsidering the cost of these scopes and the fact that they can only be shipped inside the United States is kind of a turn off for me.

The Swarovski reputation and their long history of providing quality optics was the reason that I listed them on this site. I have read reviews that go both ways. Some claim that they are worthless pieces of you know what. Others claim that the swarovski hunting scopes are the best scope available to the general public.

I do not own one so I have to go on what I read about them. There is actually more bad feedback on these rifle scopes and optics then there is good feedback. I have found in my lifetime though that people that are not happy are more apt to complain, cry, moan and groan. The folks that are happy with what they got are usually laid back and quiet and don’t praise what they have.

In the end it is always your choice as to which rifle scope you buy. Swarovski’s reputation is good and their customer service seems to be good. Some folks have said that they sent two or three back so their return policy must be good. If you took the time to read this far I appreciate it.

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17 thoughts on “Swarovski Hunting Scopes | Optics”

  1. What an interesting site that I found when trawling the internet. I previously served in the military, so I understand the importance of a good aiming scope. Getting my rifle properly “sighted” on the range and in preparation for exercises was essential.  I wish I had had access to this site and more importantly this hunting scope. It would have given me quite an advantage.

    Now of course, military use is a different ball game to that of hunting animals.  Do you require a licence in order to have the rifle to which it is attached?  Is there a particular problem with over populations of wolfs for example? Or other animals that hunters use it for? Or is it primarily used on ranges?

    Do you recommend a particular rifle for this hunting scope or can it be used on any weapon? Thank you for your advice.

    • Thanks for leaving me a comment, I appreciate hearing from my visitors. Yes i can see where the military and hunting would be two completely different ballgames. In the military your scope could mean the difference in life or death.

      Here in the US, at least where I live you don’t need a license to own the rifle but you have to have one to hunt animals. We have a lot of problems with coyotes here, that is the main varmit that we hunt. Most rifles are for large game hunting, deer, elk, and mule deer along with others. A lot of people use them at shooting ranges, I don’t because at this time I don’t reload my own ammo and it gets pretty expensive.

      The scopes I have listed will work well on any larger caliber rifle. I have scopes for rimfire rifles (22s) listed in another article 22 Rifle Scopes – Hunting Small Game.

  2. I am not too into hunting and gun related stuff but my brother’s and my dad who is the leader of a hunting squad in Canada and I know they all use Swarovski hunting scope,tripod and other kit from Swarovski group of companies….my dad especially has been using them for a number of years know and he has made it know to us that they are the best worldwide and i totally agree after reading your article.

    • Thank you David for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Glad to hear that your Dad likes the Swarovski scopes. They are a good scope indeed.

  3. I really appreciate the dedication taken into constructing this post.

    Your review of Swarovski hunting scopes was really revealing. You showed how important it is to consider warranty, quality and technology in acquiring hunting scopes, and with this review, I can honestly say that Swarovski hunting scopes meet the requirements.

    I especially liked your specific point that it gives the handler complete shock resistance and dependable reticle control. Despite the relatively huge cost of the Swarovski hunting scopes, I think the benefits will be well worth the cost. Thanks again for the article. Someone is definitely finding this useful.

    • Thanks John, I appreciate your comment. Swarovski does make a good scope and are known worldwide for their craftsmanship and durability.

  4. Remembering my brother who is obsessed with hunting made me stopped by and read this great article.

    This actually gave me a good idea what should I give him as birthday gift this coming April and I should thank you for making my search easier and over!

    Can’t now imagine what would be his reaction, but surely, he’d be happy to finally change his obsolete rifle scope which perhaps the reason why he isn’t bringing home even a single bird anymore. He! He!

    Thanks a lot!

    • Julius, thank you, I appreciate hearing from my visitors. I bet your brother would be very happy with any of these swarovski rifle scopes.

  5. I only hunted when I was a kid but, I was talking to my friends’ two youngest boys last August 11 & 14-year-olds.  They have been hunting with Grandma & Grampa since they were fresh out of diapers.  When they told me about these Swarovski scopes I wasn’t surprised that the famous crystal maker made these, I was surprised I had never heard of Swarovski Optik until recently!

    Swarovski’s work, in general, is impeccable (been making jewelry with their beads for years.)  There is no doubt in my mind that their scopes are as good as a lot of people say they are.  I’ve never looked through one of their scopes either but, your other visitor, Mariella, had me daydreaming about a new pair of Swarovski Optik binoculars.  

    The teen boys I spoke of were sure they couldn’t afford a scope like these beauties yet but, I have no doubt there will be one or, three in their future.

    If I’m right in my thinking, that and your article, I believe there would be a distinct difference for the better with the Swarovksi scopes.  I say this because salespeople have tried to pass off fake Swarovski crystals to me before.  There is SUCH an incredibly distinct difference in quality that it slaps you across the face if you know your stuff!

    As you said, variety IS the spice of life!  I would definitely have one of these in my scope collection if I was still hunting.  I’d probably go for the Swarovski Optik Z3 3-10 x 42 BRH Reticle as I imagine in low light how much easier it would be to pick out shapes and shadows.

    • Thank you for your great comment. The Swarovski Optik Z3 3-10 x 42 BRH Reticle would be a great scope. Also I have a link that you can go to and check out a lot of the swarovski scopes. Most of the deer I have shot have been right at dusk or dawn. I have another page with some binoculars on it Waterproof Binoculars – How to Choose? I do need to create a page on the Swarovski binoculars too.

  6. Great and amazing article. I have learnt more on Swarovski hunting scopes and i find it very interesting. You gave good  importance and clearly stated fact on the quality and technology in acquiring hunting scopes, This actually given me knowledge and idea on how Swarovski works. I sincerely applaud the writer on such a good article

    • I appreciate your comment, always glad to hear from my visitors. Swarovski does make good hunting scopes. Also I thank you for the comment on my writing skills.

  7. wow the optic zoom is amazing and to  think that it would save from wind error up to 20mph. there is real quality in the swaroksi scopes and the price tag on it is well earned. i woul like to share this article with some of my friends i am very sure it will pick their interest. thank you

    • Benny, thanks for the comment, it is appreciated. Please share away. Hopefully they will find it interesting too.

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